How to provide yourself and your family with a stable income

How to provide yourself and your family with a stable income You will be surprised, but you probably also have things in your life that you can't afford right now.You see, we all have something "behind us", even if we think we have everything we need at the moment.In this article, we will talk about how to provide yourself and your family with a stable income in a crisis.Today, millions of families are facing a collapse of their pre-crisis earnings. In this situation, it makes sense to start thinking about how to increase your income — in order to provide your family with the most comfortable life possible. In in this article, we will talk about how to start earning more money. 1) be PreparedFor the worst to come first.Prepare for the worst. Prepare for the worst.Before the new one arrives, you need to be able to afford to survive a difficult situation. After all, the crisis is not a joke. You need to be prepared for it.Think through the following scenario: In the next few weeks, you will become ill;Your income will start "sliding" down;You will lose your job (or be fired);The state will help small businesses.Small businesses — how do I get a "free ride" state subsidy?2) Think through your financial goals.Create a list of major purchases for the next year. Do not hesitate. You will be shocked if you do this, but it is on such a big list that you will be able to "ride" on the" shoulders " of your financially literate family.3) it's time to "make friends" with money.Make a decision to start saving 10-20% of each income you receive.This money will become the basis of your "personal financial airbag".To do this, make a good habit of regularly buying currency, stocks, and other financial instruments.4) Start investingTo become a truly rich person, you will have to take active actions.Yes, even small amounts. So as not to provoke an unexpected purchase at a 50-50 price.You also have to prepare for the fact that in the near future, the value of the currency and shares you have purchased will start to increase significantly.And this is without taking into account the impact of the next crisis and the expiration date of the coupons on your savings.)5) Start "paying yourself first" and only then paying others.To do this, learn how to properly handle any amount of money.To do this, save 10-20% of each of your income (by the end of each month). and set aside for this).Do not try to "stretch your legs" by finding a new job, getting a good salary, or finding part-time work in your spare time.6) Buy " discounted dollars"Every time you receive a salary