How to stop being afraid to be rich (and become one)

How to stop being afraid to be rich (and become one) Everyone is able to get rich and live in prosperity. This is guaranteed for all those who possess the "right" habits of daily handling of money.In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of your ever-empty wallet, improve your financial life and find prosperity.Get to know your money better You can't hide from your finances forever. No matter how strong your feelings may be, you need to learn to "make friends" with money. And if your feelings about money are clouded by old age, chronic lack of money, or other reasons "for frustration" and hopelessness, then seek the help of reliable financial advisers. After all, even if you have lost your job, a friend in a difficult situation will quickly mend "broken" nerves, fill your wallet with money and an outstanding "money magnet". In our age of widespread Internet penetration, it has become easier than ever before to "find" anyone who is familiar with the topic of personal Finance and, along with it, with competent financial habits.To do this, you do not need to receive special knowledge and specialized training (there are a lot of free training resources on the Internet). You can quickly find those who are interested in your case and willing to listen to what you have to say.Your task will be to remind yourself of the important points: money, money, money, money, and to "make friends" with them.Your thoughts about money are generated by your subconscious mind. And if you do not allow yourself to be influenced by them, then you will definitely get rich!1) Can you name the four letter word that comes to mind when you hear the phrase "I'm so lucky"?Surely, this phrase will occur again and again in a conversation with friends.And if you are not yet rich, then this is the word that will lead you to prosperity and help you to increase your income. It is with this very word that you lose your fortune and start your own business. A business that you will always be "in the money" and able to do everything possible in the future to increase your income.2) Don't spend, earn, and investOnly this word will lead you to an increase in income and a stable financial capital.Today, many young people are afraid to make their money "work" for them. They are tempted to spend them "for zero" and spend them "for the sake of a piggy Bank".But, if you listen to this advice, then you will quickly eliminate all your risks (including those that you chose). names).3) Invest with every paycheck you receiveStart with the year and then the level of inflation will gradually come to you.This is where you need to be mentally prepare for the "possible" increase in your income.Starting with the most conservative