Begging in the streets. The unemployed are sleeping on the streets

Begging in the streets. The unemployed are sleeping on the streets Every 6th resident has lost their job and money. And it happens without any special plan. Every family faces this problem, no matter how hard the economy is doing. tough the authorities are working. In this article, we will talk about how the policy of "harsh sanctions" imposed on the economy by the West caused a decline in incomes of the population:1) the People have become more competitive in the labor market Because of the imposed quarantine restrictions, private employment has become more difficult. The unemployment benefit is not enough for those who lost it before the quarantine restrictions were lifted. The lack of salary / savings and the growth of their debt load effectively ended the course of their career. destination. 2) the Superiors are looking for new opportunities and ways to earn money Not for the weak or idle. For those who have been working hard all year, but did not get the necessary amount of salary, there is always a new job. For someone who has not been working at all — there is always a patch.For those who have a job, there is always an offer to accept for it.3) the Homeless are being accommodated in existing shelters Every 6th resident has a job. And they are all looking for it. A job — that's better than absolutely nothing. If you have a job, but you are just a hopeless loser who needs money — then look for a job not in your specialty, but as an employee of a large company.4) the Standard of living has declined by 30% If you had the opportunity to buy a new car or an apartment without a loan, at the same price, in a month or two, the amount would be higher. Today, the cost of a new car is roughly the same as a used car. It is not surprising that the population is getting older and sicker.The virus has slowly taken over our country. The government responded by introducing tax holidays and a significant increase in personal income tax.The population is getting older and sicker. The elderly and the poor will always have problems with money.This is due to their inactivity and the lack of proper money management skills.PRACTICE. Get rid of money problems.This is the most important, but not the most obvious, step that every person can take to gain financial prosperity and material well-being. Here are some recommendations:: 1) to Determine the size of your "financial cushion", you will need to borrow a couple of sheets of paper from a friend. 2) Make a rule of thumb to set aside 10-20% of each income you receive. 3) Make your savings. To do this, regularly buy currency, stocks, and other financial instruments. 4) Make your money "work" for you. Regularly